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ER drabbles

ER drabblers
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Welcome to this community for fans of the hit NBC drama "ER", inspired by the wednesday100 and the x_men100!!!!

Your fair weather moderator: Me. Rach. batmite, a.k.a. "maluccieca" on various "ER"-ish boards and fanfiction sites.

What is a drabble? It’s a story written in 100 words.

- Challenges will be posted every Thursday, the show's original air day. All participants will have one week to submit responses, unless otherwise specified.

- All past challenges and wrap-ups will be posted by date as memories.

- All NC-17/explicit drabbles must be put in LJ tags. Go here for some LJ cut tag info.

- Your story should be about 100 words, more or less (excluding the title). Sure. Yeah.

- Continuing your drabble? Please link it to your story and edit your post if you decide to continue it later.

- Don’t hesitate to e-mail me with any future challenge ideas or just general suggestions that may improve the community in any way.

- We'll play nice. I’m aware of serious flame and/or shipper wars on other boards and sites, and we’ll avoid it here, thank you. Please give all writers, regardless of shipping, etc., all due respect.

- Let's also keep in mind that there's plenty of room for improvement; sometimes others can bring that to our attention. Please, give feedback! The more you give, the more you'll receive.

- Let's not forget to be creative and have fun with the challenges, either!!!! :-)

Other Communities:
- er100: sister community. Sick of our theme? Head right over there for a different one and don't worry, because I do it, too.
- wednesday100: "Smallville"
- x_men100: all things X-Men
- sunday100: "BtVS"/"AtS"
- farscapefriday: "Farscape" (100+ wds)
- ff_friday: "Firefly" (100-1000 wds)
- hp100: Harry Potter
- multifandom1000: exactly what it says. So far there's a ton of BtVS/AtS-based fic, and we need all sorts of different kinds! [/hint]

Kudos to _takemeaway_ for helping me fill out the Interests list below.
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